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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass The Story of Slavery to Freedom CHAPTER 1: No idea who father is, knows mother, but is not allowed to attend her burial. Aunt's beating is a turning point. CHAPTER 2: Overseer, Mr.Severe, was ruthless. His death was a blessing. Songsreflected moods of slaves. CHAPTER 3: Colonel Lloyd was rich and obsessed with horses; his temper taught slaves to lie about being happyto avoid trouble. CHAPTER 4: Mr. Gore, the new overseer, teaches a new lesson: an overseer can be fired for not being cruel, and murderers are excusable. CHAPTER 5: Douglass has the opportunity to leave the plantation to go to Baltimore. He prepares. CHAPTER 6: Mrs. Auld teaches Douglass to read, but is forced to stop. He realizes education will free him from slavery. CHAPTER 7: Douglass realizes slavery brutalizes slaves and masters. He learns to read and grows to hate slavery more. CHAPTER 9: Douglass struggles to survive with Master Thomas-- he is a "religious hypocrite" and inconsistent. Douglass is sent to a farm to be "broken." CHAPTER 8: Douglass's slave owner dies, and he gets redistributed. He ends up in the country, where it is harder to escape. CHAPTER 10: Covey beats Douglass weekly to try to break his spirit. Douglass makes a speech about becoming free: " You have seen how a man is made a slave; now you shall see how a slave was made a man." They fight, and he ends up with a new master. CHAPTER 11: He escapes! But freedom is complicated. He gets a job, marries, and begins speaking publicly.
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