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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Contactyour long lost family.That's if they have facebook accounts of course. Facebook Interact withyour friends Publishyour own group e.g UCTC class 2005-2006. Of which wouldhelp you connect withyour past mates. It is a social networking site where you can Inbox them which is similarto email Propose a video call Twitte r Facebook Twitte r vs Statistics 2000 people were asked if they belong to facebook or twitter facebook 49% twitter 89% Many morehave facebookaccounts C7 Source from from webpage Social Networking and Microblogging service that allows the users to send and read messages up limited to only 140 characters. We call them tweets.Yes, tweets derived from a birds sound "tweet tweet". In ,gossip spreads quickly!Here's how: By including hash tag in your tweetthis enables you to mention the person that you're tagging which will appear in their interactives.You could also retweet the tweetsthat you find interesting or funny perhaps.Then,this allows your follower to see them. After you signed in.You could start following someone then automaticallyyou will become their follower and vice versa. Whatever they tweet, it will appearin your tweets feed unless theydisabled it by going to privacy settings and to you likewise. That's it! If a tweet goes on worldwide trendthe faster the news will spread around the GLOBE! The more people tweeting the same topic, it will eventually display on the "worldwide trend" which means that twitters all around the worldcan see what's the hot topic andjoin in. Today, instead of turning on your desktopyou can now browse sites using smartphone! Smartphone Built in Operating System Facebook, Twitter and etc. Let's you download applicationin a certain speed. Connects to the main server via 3G.However, it will be particularly slow. twitter started in 2004. Founded by MarkZuckerberg. On the other hand, these serviceswould be 30x significantly faster though 4G LTE . described as "the SMS of the Internet". Started in 2006 and founded byJack Dorsey.
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