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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Fracking needs to be stopped because it causes Earthquakes, Health problems and pollution. Fracking should be stopped Fracking causes Health problems Conclusion Fracking causes Pollution Fracking also causes earthquakes Fracking causes water contamination, because after you drill and put the high pressured water mixed with deadly poisonus chemicals some of that water still stays there over time it rises to our water source and contaminates it. But, thats not it, when you get the millions of gallons of water that will require a lot of truck trips which will increase green house foot prints of oil and gas which will be contributing to air pollution. When you put in the high pressured water into the well It has a deadly chemical wich is poisonus, and when it gets in the shale when it breakes it can cause earthquakes and even though their small they can still cause damage.Plus increase higher risk for big Earthquakes. In oklahoma they have been bunch of earthquakes because of fracking they told oil drillers to reduce the water they use, Oklahoma is now the Americas Earthquakes Capital.Thanks to Fracking they have been bunch of earthquakes and that should stop.🙅🏻 At last, Fracking should be stopped because it causes health problems. When this contaminated water and air pollution get in our body because we breath it and drink it, it can get us very sick and we can even die from it An example are the cows in Pennsylvania they are dieing because of poisoned water. People are also getting sick they have lung disease and respiratory problems. This is why I think Fracking should be stopped. They say they wanna help us with this big elements but in the process they hurt our environment. So thats why i think Fracking should be Stopped. I hope you learned something! Fracking should be stoped✋🏼 By:Christian Lara
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