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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Four Frame Model Hoyler Central Concepts Image of Leader Basic Challenges Structural Metaphor Symbolic * content from "Reframing Organizations" Bolman and Deal 2008 Human Resource Political Metaphor Central Concepts Image of Leader Basic Challenges Metaphor Central Concepts Image of Leader Basic Challenges Metaphor Central Concepts Image of Leader Basic Challenges Military style SpecializationCoordinationRestructure Drill Seargent Problems do not always fit the structure Team work Organizations and people need each other Nurturer Relationshiptrumpsstructure High School Drama AgendasPersonal interestManipulationNegotiation Sly Fox Differing agendasand fear of losingstakeholders can have disasterous results Place of worshipChurchSynagogeMosque Finding purposeandinspiring passion Motivational SpeakerEvangelist Cynicism too much soul and no real structure Structural - Instead of structure being rigid I want personnel to be confident in making decision so long as the game plan is always being considered. We are taking risks every time we step on the field, and we must learn to hold each other accountable the right way.HR Can we make mistakes, criticize positively, and maintain emotional toughness? Subordinates will make mistakes as well. This is not a group of individuals making individual mistakes, this is a team and we cover each other. Political Everyone wants to be captain, leading scorer, be the one who makes the big play. Try outs are over, you made the team, now make the team better. What are you doing to improve the team? Yourself? Your team mates?Symbolic Culture is lacking presently. Our culture should support each other, we should have fun, take pride in our work, and treat the soccer field like a sacred place where we only allow the best of ourselves. Practical Application for use in coaching my soccer team.
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