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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Foundations Biology Characteristics of life*Uses energy*Growth and development*Homeostasis*Responds to environment*Reproduces*Made of Cells Cells are basic building blocks of life. Above there is a plant cell and an animal cell. To be a cell, there must be DNA, cytoplasm contained by a cell membrane. Plant cells. This model shows that cells make up tissues and tissues make up the esophagus organ. the wet peas were germinating. starch is stored in the pea. Starch is used as an energy source. Cell respiration captures the energy. Oxygen is required and the droplet moves toward peas. The ruminant changes grass into milk by using its 4 chambered stomach. The rumen has billions of bacteria for fermentation! The dark experiment changed blue BTB green. The plant was conducting cell respiration. All multicellular organisms do cell respiration for energy. What biological process occurs when plants are in the dark? Cell respiration gets energy from the food that the plant makes in photosynthesis. all life uses cell respiration. Evolution: The dark and light moths survival role was flipped due to natural selection and a change in habitat life from non life. This experiment showed how earth started life 4.5 billion years ago. They usedEarthly gases + water to make amino acids, the building block of proteins. Electricity simulated lightening which started the reactions. Cells grow and develop through a process called mitosis Part of mitosis is cell division. After this growth occurs. But cells stay small for DNA and efficiency.
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