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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Natural (Organic) Conventional vs Expensive 5 characteristics / impacts/ effects Cheap Yes Time, Space, Quantity Yes and No No Use of Food Additives/GM Crops Yes Factory Farming/CAFO Produce sustainableproductsin lower amountof quantityin larger spaceand longer time Use of Pesticide/Fertilizer No *Fast Food Culture*Processed Food/Refined Food*Occupied by few huge companies*No animal rights*Diversification of regional food crops *Animal breed is getting diminished/decreased as time goes by.--> because of industrialized food production method. As a side effect, it may affect to long-term impact on human healthas well as environmental pollution. As an effect, it benefits to the environment to reduce pollutionand conserve water and soil quality. They use fertilizer however, the farmers of organic food production tried to avoid using synthetic pesticides by using insect traps, predator intersects and so on. *Use Grazing as a production method*Organized by country farms andfamers*Respond to environmental problemsby minimizing of agrochemicals Yes Produce temporaryproductsin higher amount of quantity in smaller spaceand shorter time Cost The trend is changing. Cheap cost of a product is not a enough purchasing condition to attract the consumersanymore.'s-the-big-deal-about-GM-food/ Images 10C Hyunji Lee
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