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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 PARCC Smarter Balanced vs. Sources: Chrys Mursky, director of professional learning at Smarter Balanced; Bob Bickerton, co-chair of the PARCC non-summative working group There will also be tests of speaking and listening skills, which fall somewhere between summative and non-summative, and "mid-year" assessments. They will look similar to the summative assessments and can be administered at any time. A vendor will create the items, which will be vetted by educators and state staff. What will assessments consist of? What will assessments consist of? Who created the assessments? Who created the assessments? When will the assessments be ready? When will the assessments be ready? A beta version will be available in spring 2014.The operational system will launch during the 2014-15 school year. What company will administer? What company will administer? Amplify will build digital-library platform and host through beta testing. Smarter Balanced will host the library after Sept. 2014. Formative Assessment Tools From the Consortia Who will have access? Who will have access? Educators in states that purchase the full suite of tests. Educators in all grades will have access to the digital library. During the 2015-16 school year. Reporting by: Liana HeitinVisualization by: Marlena Chertock States/districts who pay the "modest fee" forthe non-summative tests; the cost modelhas yet to be determined. "Formative tools" for kindergartners and 1stgraders and adaptive "diagnostic tests" for grades2-8. These will be administered online, and teachers can select the parameters to evaluate progress on particular standards or across a learning progression. A digital library with three components: "Assessment literacy modules" that teacheducators about balanced assessment. "Exemplar instructional modules" that demonstrate formative-assessment practices and include classroom and animated footage. 2. 3. Education resources, vetted and developed by educators, to support teachers in implementing formative assessments. 1. Pearson will develop and administerdiagnostic tests (and final standardizedassessments). There is currently no vendor for the K-1 formative tools for speaking and listening tests; these are being rebid. State leadership teams support state networks of educators to create and vet educational resources. The assessment-literacy modulesand exemplar-instruction modules are "commissioned."
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