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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Job Description: Earnings: Education: Personality Requried: Job Availability: Work Location: Volunteer Focus: Work Conditions: -Teaching-Working with computers-Helping in science labs -Practicing in science labs -Labs-Offices -Crime Scences -Usually work with the -Small number of people work in private forensic labs.-Spend lots of time in labs analyzingevidence -Work in offices where you draft reportsand results of your findings-Can be exposed to health and safety when in lab handling or experimenting with certian chemicals -Be interested in law, chemistry, human biology and biology of animals and plants-Being able to work independently-Be able to think and come to reasonableconclusions based on the evidence -Examine and analyze evidence-Test for alcohol, drugs or toxins-Ensure justice is served-Be good with computers-Use a variety of methods to helpanalyze evidence-Provide expert testimony in courtof law -Depending on your on education, experience and level of responsibility -Average earning a year $50 000 to $90 000 4 500 -Work a hour week, weekends or eveningsmay be necessary to meet deadlines or solve problems 40 RCMP hazards logically -There are less than available jobs for forensic scientists a year -Take advanced level of science,and math in high school-Minimum requirement: year bachelor degree of science-Courses offered by very few university's-Not many jobs in Canada School These three schools are the main schools to go to to become a forensic scientist Liberty University Ashford University Kaplan University
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