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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Costumes, Props, Set Costumes, Props, Set Audience & Purpose Audience & Purpose Delivery Delivery Preparation & Familiarity with Script Preparation & Familiarity with Script "Missing Chords of Memory": Play Performance Rubric "Missing Chords of Memory": Play Performance Rubric : role requirements but incidental : Performance suggests limited understanding of Audience & Purpose & Problem Statement : Stumbles with one or more lines and/or relies on notecards Please note! This green middle section, the area of highest value, is not determined by me.As a group you will make a case for what makes your final product better than "Proficient"in each area. This will require creativity, experimentation, reflection, and a few stumbles along the way. : Performance clearly designed for Audience & Purpose: Students product answers the Problem Statement : Lines are memorized: Interaction with space and other characters shows holistic view of script : Creative, relevant, and convincing costumes: Props used enhance experience rather than distractthemes & concepts : Set is cleverly designed and suitable : Physical movement & gestures : Timing: Volume and intonation: Facial expressions 5 5 4 4 4 4 3 3 3 3 : Little or no preparation and familiarity with script evident : Readers Guide does not show minimum use of sources: Insufficient connection to larger historical themes and concepts : Driving Questions answered accurately, thoroughly, and creatively : Readers Guide was not completed and use of sources not evident: No connection between local experience and larger historical themes and concepts: No evidence of attention to Driving Questions : Time, Characters, and/or Setting not clearly established or developed: Stage directions present, properly formatted, and sensible but need to be added or improved in several areas.: Dialogue flows logically but does not engage throughout and/or has elements that limit historical plausibility: One or more errors in spelling, grammar, vocabulary 2 2 2 2 : No attempt to establish and develop Time, Characters, and/or Setting: Stage directions not completed or confusing in placement and/or wording: Dialogue lacks any historically convincing elements, lacks consistency and flow, and fails to engage reader: Errors in spelling, grammar, and vocabulary show lack of revision and distract : Some points where use of space and relation to other characters appears unconsidered or unclear
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