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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 History Ford Motor Company produces fun to drive fuel efficient cars,utility vehicles and durable trucks. Ford also sells and repairs automotive parts and accessories. Central Office/s Advertising and Promotions Ford Cars have been used and promoted in many TV shows and movies these include but are not exclusive to; many James Bond movies, I am Legend, Gone in Sixty Seconds, Bulit and more recently The Fast and Furious Series and Need For Speed. Their cars have also been used in many video games including Need for Speed, Forza and Gran Turismo. Ford has come up with many advertising campaigns including their latest campaign in which they offered their customers a ride in their car and if they chose a rival brand Ford would pay them $200. Fortunately only a small proportion of customers asked for the money. About Ford Products The Ford Motor Companys Central Office is located in Dearborn, Michigan,United States of America. Including this office Ford has over 80 officesand Plant Locations around the world. Developed countries include;Australia, Belgium, Canada, China, France, Germany, Japan,Romania, Russia, Slovakia, Spain, Taiwan, UK, US,Venezuela. Developing countries included; Argentina, Brazil, India, Mexico, Thailand and Vietnam Earnings In June 16 1903, Henry Ford and other 11 prospective stockholders in the Ford Motor Company met in Detroit to sign the official paperwork required to create a new corporation. A month after the Ford Motor Company was established, the first Ford car was assembled at a plant on Mack Avenue in Detroit.In the early days of Ford, only a few cars were assembled per day, and they were built by hand by small groups of workers from parts made to order by other companies. With the introduction of the Model T in 1908, Ford succeeded in his mission to produce an affordable, efficient and reliable automobile for everyone: within a decade, nearly half the cars in America were Model Ts. The sensational demand for the Model T led Ford to develop mass-production methods, including large production plants,the use of standardized, interchangeable parts and, in 1913, the world's first moving assembly line for cars.In 1914, to further improve productivity, Ford introduced the $5 daily wage for an eight-hour day for his workers (up from $2.34 for nine hours),setting a standard for the industry.During the late 1910s and early 1920s, Ford began construction of a massive industrial complex along the banks of the River Rougein Dearborn, Michigan. The plant combined all the components necessary for auto production, including a glass factory, steel mill and assembly line.To this day ford has manufactured passenger cars, trucks ,tractors as well as automotive parts and accessories. Ford has continued to do this to the high quality standard it is known for. The Ford Motor Company provides the highest standard of service in the automobile has contributed greatly to developing nations such as India and South Africa and there economy, socio-economic class,environment and culture. Although Ford has made mistakes in the past the advantages for developing countries that Ford provide outweigh the disadvantages.Ford have successfully proven that they do not take advantage of the underdeveloped countriesbut make an effort to help advance these nations. Ford is one of the worlds leading automobile industries and provided an example of the way any multinational corporation should run to provide the best for their customers. Disadvantages Ford provides job opportunities for thousands in over 6 developing countriesFord even provides jobs for women; in India alone half the ford workforce in 1 plant is made up of womenThrough programmes such as Operation Goodwill ford has been able to assist in education by donatingmoney for a higher standard of learning as well as donating money to local businesses to provide hygiene and sanitation products.This operation is currently working in India.Ford has helped develop many countries through their operations. An example is Ford Indias Operation Goodwill which focuses on enabling a sustainable development and improving educational infrastructure, basic sanitation and hygiene and bringing sustenance across all community linked initiatives. In India the minimum salary per monthjust for a sales person is around 9 thousand rupees which unfortunately is equivalent to around 200 Australian Dollars Advantages Economic, Social, Environmental and Cultural Impacts Once ford was introduced into countries such as India, there was a massive increasein the transport system and lives of people. Locals now have the access to transportation and the repairing of automotive parts and accessories.Developing countries such as South Africa are included in the Ford EU tradesystem and import and export ford cars. Countries like South Africa are now connectedto other surrounding counties through this trade agreement.Through Fords involvement in India their socio-economic classes have certainly increased. This means that more people in India have employment and more people if not already there areon their way to being above the poverty line. Examples of Fords contributions include providing job opportunities for money, donating and investing money into educational programmes, hygiene solutions and general economy infrastructure. The Ford Motor Company has provided millions in the effort to preserve and look after endangeredhabitats and wildlife. For example in South Africa Ford has dedicated 1.5 million Rands per annumto the conservation of biodiversity for all South Africans and to this date have invested over 30 Million Rands. Ford is working to improve the sustainability of vehicles by using materialsthat are more sustainable from a total lifecycle perspective. This includes increasing the useof recycled materials renewable materials and lightweight materials. Ford chooses to recycleits waste by turning into new fuel sources for both themselves and for power in neighbourhoods.The Ford Motor Company tries and does succeed its bests in making sure that pollution levelsare kept to a minimum. In India alone the Ford Ikon, emits 40-60% less than the legal requirementsof pollution. Ford has also reduced the amount of pollution by new and more efficient ways suchas new fuels, new recyclable materials and the worlds largest green roof. This cultural impact has allowed countries to further advance themselves both individually and as a nation.Through fords involvement in the communities of these developing countries it has changed the traditional transportation operations. The advances in Ford technology has allowed countries like India to further develop themselves. The Ford Motor Company has brought new ideas and ways in automobiles into developing nations. It has turned developing countries such as India into a major automobile industry, changing the way the nation had previously operated. However in the past Ford has been linked to around 42 toxic waste spills. However most Asian countries are still being negotiated whether to be included in this system. They are being put down asa risk to the trade agreement. double click to changethis text! Drag a cornerto scale proportionally.
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