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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Forces and motion 2. A balanced force is when two equal forces are working in opposite directions on an object, so it doesn't move. An unbalanced force is when one of the two forces is stronger so the object moves. 3.Drag is the pull back on an object when it's moving against something like air or water 8. What I would change about my elite straw rocket would be the amount of wings on the end. 9. The number of fins affected my rocket because two fins made my rocket go further than three fins. 4. Newton's first law states that an unmoving object will remain unmoving and a moving object will remain moving. 5.A real life example of Newton's first law is a football being thrown. The football remains in motion until it is hit by another unbalanced force like a player catching it. 10. The weight of the clay affected the distance traveled by the rocket because the weight of more clay shortened the distance traveled. 6. Newton's third law states that every action is bound to have a equal and opposite reaction 7.A real life example of Newton's third law is when it rains the water droplets hit the floor and has the reaction of a splash. 12.The motion of an object gets affected by the mass of an object because the more mass an object has the slower it will go, if the amount of force doesn't increase. 13.The motion of an object gets affected by the force acting on it because if the mass doesn't increase the object will move faster 15. The mass of an object effects the force needed to move it because more mass requires more force or the object will slow down. 1. Force is the push or pull of an object. 11.The length of the straw affected my rocket because a longer straw made the rocket go farther.
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