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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Gravity Gravity is making this girl stay on the ground if it wasn't she'd behalf way to the clouds trying toget herself down. Gravity is a force that pushes anything on earth to the ground well not exactly to the ground like how you keep your things in your shelves. I guess you couldsay it helps keep everything to stay on earth.Gravity hold us and everything else on our planetIt keeps us, the ocean, sand, our electronics on the earth.Anything that's on our planet. Have you ever tried to fly. You just fall right back down onto the ground. It's because of gravity. Gravity is pushing you towardsthe ground. What is Gravity, Friction and Air Resistance? Friction Air Resistance Friction Friction is a force that holds back the movement of a sliding object. An exampleof friction is us when we're walking we'reusing friction. If we didn't then we wouldbe sliding all over the place. Some of theshoes we wear have less friction thananother type of shoe we have. Like flip flops have less friction than your running shoes. Air resistance is a force that slows down objects that are moving through the air. Like parachutesget slower in the air. It's because of air resistance that it happens. Can you think of ways we use air resistance? Gravity Fun Facts:-Because Mars has a lower gravity than Earth, a personweighing 200 pounds on Earth would only weigh 76 pounds on Mars.-It is thought that Isaac Newtons theories on gravity were inspired by seeing an apple fall from a tree.-Ocean tides are caused by the gravity of the moon. Friction Fun Facts:-Although wheels are great for rolling and reducing friction, they couldn't work without friction.-Friction can generate static electricity.-When there is a lot of friction between moving parts, energy is lost to the surroundings as heat.When you rub your hands together quickly the friction warms them up. Air Resistance Fun Facts: -Air resistance pushes against a moving car and slows it down. - It slows down parachutes because of the way the parachute has been modelled,that it fills the inside of the parachutewith air.
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