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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Gravity What is gravity?Gravity is an unseen force that keeps us all strapped to the ground. Gravity is what makes things fall. If we didn't have gravity, we would all be floating around,a little bit like people do in Space.Gravity is what keeps planets in their orbits around the sun. Density- floating and sinking Density is how heavy something is for it's size. For example, a paper clip is very small, but it still sinks. This is because it's made of metal, and extremely heavy for it's size. And, another example is wood. Wood seems heavy, but is actually quite light for it's size, and that is why it sinks. Water is also a kind of force, and that's why gravity can only pull certainthings down under the water. But because water is such a strong force in itself, it is able to keep things above the ground. Force and motion FrictionHow do objects slow down and speed up? Why don't cars just go whizzing through the streets, not even slowing down? The reason the don't do this, is friction.Even the smoothest-looking surfaces have bumps and curves, even our skin! If an object is heavy, then it makes it harder to slide because of all those minuscule bumps. Each of them grind together slowing us down! The reason thingsslide so well on oil, is because oil doesn't have many of those tiny curves and hills andbumps. Have you ever heard that rubbing two sticks together will make fire? This is all connected to friction. On your hands, you have bumpy skin, and when rubbing them together, don't they feel warm? Friction Elephants are huge creatures. How come they don't sink into the floor? They are so heavy! Well, have you ever had a close up look atan elephant's foot? Probably not, but if you were to, you would see that the SPREAD THE WEIGHT! Thesegiant feet spread out, spreading all the weight into different places.It's brilliant! This is the same reason that if you crumple up a sheet of paper and drop it, it will fall faster than a sheet of paper that isn't crumpled, because it's not spreading the weight, it's just being one heavy ball. Spreading the weight. Thing to Try.Cat fur has an"opposite electrical charge". Try putting a balloon above itand see it rising up! Fun FactIn the Dead Sea, there is so much buoyancy that youcan float without really trying!
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