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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 FOOTPRINTS My Carbon Footprint Calculator Results -I took a survey at a website called footprintnetwork.orgto calculate my ecologicalfootprint. -According to the survey I took, if everyone shared the samelifestyle as me, 3.8 planet Earths would be required to provide enough resources. -To support my lifestyle, it takes17 global acres of the Earth's productive area (which includes 15.7 tons of carbon dioxide). -As shown in the graph below, 50% of the resources I use are usedfor services, 25% are used for food, 11% are used for goods, 8% are usedfor shelter, and 6% are used for mobility. How Can I Reduce My Effect on the Environment? -Food: In the "Explore Scenarios" section of the survey, it says that if I ate half as many animal products as I currently eat, the number of planet Earths would drop from 3.8 to 3.6. I'm going to eat less animal products.-Shelter: I could reduce my impact in this category by using less electricity and less gas.I have more specific information on how I can do this in the carbon footprint section. -Mobility: I can use less energy in this category by walking or biking more instead of driving.-Goods/Services: I can save energy in this category by using energy-efficient sources of electricity and appliances, and trying to conserve electricity and gas as much as possible. My Thoughts and Personal Opinions -I got kind of depressed when I learned that four planet Earths would be required if everyone lived the way I do.-I was surprised at how much energy I use for food and services (the two largest areas on the pie chart above).-This survey in general made me want to take action and change my lifestyle. Calculator Results -I took a survey at a website called to calculate my carbon footprint.-According to the survey results, my estimated greenhouse emissions are 11 tons of carbon dioxide per year. This is below the US national average.-As shown in the first graph below, 37.9% of the energy I use is used for home energy, 30.3% is used for driving and flying, 4.6% is used for recycling and waste, and 27.2% is used for food and diet.-The second graph shows the behavior of an average U.S. citizen, for comparison. My Thoughts and Personal Opinions -I wasn't too shocked to learn how much carbon dioxide I put into the atmosphere, but I did it find it weird that it was significantly below that of an average American. How Can I Reduce My Effect on the Environment? -There are a lot of ways for me to reduce my carbon footprint. I'm probably going to "offset" my carbon footprint by donating money to the organization with the calculator on their website.-The largest amount of energy I use is in the "home energy" category. I can reduce this by using fluorescent lightbulbs (or at least convincing my parents to) and using less heat and air conditioning. Instead of turning up the heat when it's cold, I'll get an extra blanket or wear warmer clothing.-I also use up a lot of energy by driving. I can't drive yet, but my dad drives me to school. My parents drive me to most other destinations as well. So I'm going to start walking and biking more. By doing this, I can save a pound of carbon for every mile traveled.-I'm also going to start planting trees. Those things soak up carbon dioxide and release oxygen.-I could also reduce my footprint in the "recycling/waste" and "food" categories by recycling more and eating less animals. My Water Footprint My Ecological Footprint -I took a survey to calculate my water footprint on National Geographic's website.-According to the survey, I use approximately 2,182 gallons of water per day. 68 gallonsfor my home (3%), 873 gallons for food (40%), 1,159 gallons for energy (things like transportation, vehicles and home electricity/appliances) [53%] and 82 gallons for stuff (clothing, furniture, paper, etc) [3.75%]. I use less water than the average American in all of these categories except the "energy" category, where it appears that I use quite a bit more (the average American uses 700 gallons). The aforementioned data is shown on the graphs below. My Thoughts and Personal Opinions -I was surprised at how much water is used for energy and transportation.-The amount of water used for food surprised me at first, but it made more sense once I thought about it.-I think humans really take water for granted, perhaps more so than other natural resources. How Can I Reduce My Effect on the Environment? -Like I said before, I use the most water for energy and transportation. I can use less water in this area by riding mybike and walking more rather than driving. If I resolved to do this, I would be killing two birds with one stone, because this would reduce my carbon footprint as well. I can also use less water in this area by using energy efficient appliances and renewable sources of electricity. If I did this, I would use 862 gallons per year in the "energy" category.-I could also use less water in the "home" category by taking shorter showers and in the"diet" category by eating less animals (It appears that a more vegan-oriented diet is highly beneficial to energy conservation). Calculator Results SAVEENERGY STOP Cameron Betz
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