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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 My Footprint On This Earth My Footprint On This Earth I am just one person on this Earth.With my current living habits it would take 5 Earths to support me.The surface area of Earth is about 196,939,900 sq miles. Times that by 5 and you get a pretty big number. - Switch to energy efficient appliances ~ A big reason I would need so many Earths to support me is due to my energy usage ~ By switching to more energy efficient appliances (such as LED lights) I would reduce the amount of Earths I need by 0.3 double click to change this header text! My Ecological Step My Carbon Step My total Green House Gas Emissions are 21 of a year. The US average is 27 . When I first found out my number I was because I was below the US average, so it must mean I'm helping the earth. The more I thought about it though the more disappointed I was about my emissions. Sure it was below average but 21 is still a lot, I'm not helping the earth by being below average, I'm still it. CO2 CO2 Tons Tons Tons overjoyed hurting - Recycle ~ So by putting a bin next to my trash can and thinking before I throw that plastic bottle away I can reduce my CO2 emissions by 0.7 tons! My Water step I am using around 2180 Gallons of water a day, a jaw dropping number.I go through everyday not even giving a second thought to how muchwater I am using... how much water I am wasting. - Buy fewer packaged Items ~ Not only is over packaged items annoying its also bad for the Earth. ~ If I were to pledge to buy more products that didn't use so much packaging it would reduce my earths to 4.6. ~ Who even likes to open an M&M box just to have to open a smaller box to eat the M&M's. Making my step lighter ~ We are always hearing about how we need to recycle and for most of us it goes through one ear and out the other ~ Every time we decide to not recycle we are either make landfill bigger or the amount of ozone in our atmosphere smaller ~ The problem for me is that I don't have a recycle bin, its an easy fix though, almost anything can be used as a recycling bin. -Think Organic ~ Organic food is food that has no added hormones or preservatives. ~ Organic food tends to be healthier for not only us but the earth too. ~ Now that I plan to eat organic food as much as I am able to it will decrease my Carbon emissions by 1.2 tons Put an end to that drip ~Nearly 15 gallons of water is wasted each day due to leaking faucets or old shower cap heads. ~There are many people in this world that wish they could have 15 gallons of water a day. ~ I will make sure that all my faucets and pipes are new and maintained well so that I can reduce the amount of water waste How to Decrease My Earths How to Decrease My Earths Think Before I Buy ~ It takes around 100 gallons of water to produce one pound of cotton.~ Plus that new laptop that you just got to have took around 420 gallons of water make~ By shopping smarter and deciding if I really need to purchase the item, or not, I can save hundreds of gallons of water Conclusion So by now you most likely realize that I'm not the most environmently friendly person, but I want to change that. There are so many ways that I can help the Earth, so its about time that I start doing them. I may be one person on this earth but I WILL make my difference in it. It's time we all take a look at how we live Find out your numbers and together We will change the world Bibliography: By: Madeline George
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