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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Top 18 foods to curb your appetite Green Tea Theres a reason people are cluckingabout eggs lately. A recent study fromthe Pennington Biomedical ResearchCenter in Baton Rouge, LA, found thatoverweight people who ate eggs forbreakfast take longer to get hungry later.The research participants had lower levelsof ghrelin, an appetite-stimulating hormonethat tells the brain to eat, and higher levelsof PPY, a hormone that helps stomachsfeel full. Apples An apple a day not only keeps the doctoraway but also keeps hunger at bay. Applesare not only low in calories and fat, but arealso great appetite suppressing foodsbecause of the high fiber content.The fiber helps you feel full longer becauseit expands in your stomach so it takes lessfood to satisfy your hunger and preventsyou from overeating. Apples also containnatural sugars which maintain a healthy bloodsugar level. This prevents your body fromdeveloping the urge to ingest more carbs. Eggs Mint The smell of mint is not only calmingbut is also an effective appetite suppressant.Try burning a mint-flavored candle or drinkingmint tea if you are trying to cut back onoversnacking. Air-popped Popcorn Almods If you like to volume snack -- thinkemptying a large bag of chips --popcorn is an excellent choice.While theater popcorn and butteryprepackaged popcorn can have morethan 208 calories and 11 grams of fatin a 5-cup serving, air-popped popcornis healthful. One 5-cup serving ofair-popped popcorn has only 155 caloriesand 2 grams of fat. You also get 6 gramsof fiber in a 5-cup serving of air-popped popcorn. Almonds are another great sourceof healthy fats and make for a greatsnack between meals -- provided youwatch portion sizes. Note that thehunger-reducing effects of nuts tendto take about half an hour before youfeel them, so eat them before youreach the point of being extremelyhungry. Green tea is known for its antioxidant benefits.However, it can also stimulate the release ofhormones that can control or limit food cravings.Green tea works by promoting thermogenesis,which increases the metabolic rate, inhibiting fatdigestion, and boosting your energy. It is also anatural fat burner and helps you burn up to43% more fat. Lean Protein The high protein and fat content in meat means that itis digested more slowly than most foods. Meat also takeslonger to chew, which also contributes to feeling full.Numerous studies have shown that there is no differencebetween beef, chicken and fish in terms of satiety, but foroverall health, fish and lean cuts of poultry are morenutritious. Oatmeal Cottage Cheese Oatmeal gets its thick, goopy texturefrom a type of soluble fiber called beta-glucans.Not only do the beta-glucans travel slowlythrough our digestive tract, keeping us fulluntil the lunch hour, but they also help tolower cholesterol by trapping bile and carryingit out of our bodies, forcing us to use our bloodcholesterol to make more bile. A study from Pennsylvania State Universityfound that when subjects ate a bowl of chickenrice soup before they were served lunch, theyreported that they felt significantly fuller and ateabout 100 calories less than when they wereserved a chicken casserole (made with thesame ingredients as the soup) and a glassof water as an appetizer. If you are trying to cutweight, choose broth-based soups loaded withchunky veggies vs. high-fat, creamy soups.The act of chewing will also help trick yourbody into feeling fuller for longer. Soup Legumes Its no wonder that cottage cheeseis a healthy snack choice for dietersand bodybuilders alike. It is muchlower in fat compared with other cheesesand is a good source of protein,particularly casein, which can suppressthe appetite. Water Greek Yogurt Avocados get their creamy texture fromhealthy monounsaturated fats, which takea long time for our bodies to digest and,therefore, can help suppress appetite.Theyre also an excellent source of solublefiber, which forms a thick gel as it travelsthrough the gut, slowing digestion. Flax Greek yogurt is made by strainingregular yogurt to remove most of thewhey, which concentrates thenutrients, making this a high-proteinappetite buster. The thick, creamytexture of the yogurt also helps to trickour bodies into feeling fuller. Avocados Studies have shown that vinegar may helpkeep you from feeling hungry by slowingstomach emptying; it also lowers the glycemicindex of high-carb foods like pasta, which meansit can help you feel fuller longer by slowing therelease of glucose into your bloodstream. It's alsorich in vitamins and can aid in digestion. Edamame Sources: A 1/2 cup of edamame is only 95 caloriesbut contains over eight grams of protein,making the baby soy beans a good snackingchoice. Vinegar This potent spice is a proven appetitesuppressant. Researchers from PurdueUniversity in West Lafayette, IN, foundthat people who added half a teaspoonof the red pepper to a meal ate 60 fewercalories at their next meal. Bonus: sprinklinghalf a teaspoon of cayenne pepperover some food can cause your body toburn an extra 10 calories. Cayenne Pepper Although water passes through the digestivesystem quite quickly, it can still help decreaseyour appetite. Often we mistake thirst for hunger,especially when the mid-afternoon cravings hit.Water also keeps your stomach from becomingcompletely empty, which keeps hunger levels down. Flaxseed is rich in fiber and healthyomega-3 fats, and is also a source ofprotein. The tiny seeds dont take upmuch room in your stomach, but theymay help suppress your appetite. ADanish study found that when subjectswere given 2.5 grams of flaxseed fibersupplements -- about the same as aheaping tablespoon of ground flax --they reported feeling fuller, and also ateless when they were served lunch a fewhours later. Our bodies cannot digest thehard shell on flaxseeds, so they will needto be ground up in order to get the full benefits. Legumes, or pulses that include beans, peas,lentils and chickpeas, are an excellent vegetariansource of protein. They are high in soluble fiberas well as complex carbohydrates called resistantstarch and oligosaccharides. Like fiber, thesecomplex carbs cannot be digested by our bodiesand help to slow digestion. Research has shown thatlegumes may help decrease our appetite at a chemicallevel as well -- specific compounds promote the releaseof the hormone cholecystokinin, which slows theemptying of our stomach, helping us stay sated.
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