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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 First, the Turkey is an egg in Des Moines, Iowa. Then, the egg hatches! After exactly 56 days after the turkey is born, it's taken to a slaughter house where the turkey sadly gets killed.(r.i.p Mr. Turq). Theat's in St. Louis, MO. After the Mr. Turq gets killed, he goes to a cleaning facility in Springfield, IL where the meat gets cleaned. Next, it gets driven to a packaging facility in Madison, WI where they get packaged and put into boxes. Lastly, it gets driven to a store in Milwaukee, WIwhere Mr. Turq gets put onto a shelf, ready and waiting for somebody to buy him.In all, Mr. Turq traveled 786.1 miles. (from the farm in Des Moines, to the slaughter house in St. Louis, to the packaging facility in Madison, WI to the store in Milwaukee, WI) Cranberry Sauce: You first start with the cranberries. They come from sandy bogs and marshes in mostly Cape Cod, Massachusetts. They are picked by farmers and taken in a truck to a cleaning facility also in Cape Cod, where they are cleaned. After that, they are shipped off to the packaging facility in Dayton, Ohio, where they are packaged and put into boxes. Lastly, they are driven to the grocery store in Milwaukee, WI and put on the shelves. In all, the cranberries traveled 1,273.2 miles from Cape Cod (the farm) to Cape Cod (the cleaning facility) to Dayton (the packaging facility), to Milwaukee (the grocery store) Turkey Mashed Potatoes and Gravy Cranberry Sauce Mashed Potatoes and Gravy: The mashed potatoes come from regular idaho potatoes that are grown in Boise, Idaho. The potatoes are then cleaned and packaged also in Boise, Idaho. Next, they are shipped off to the store where they are waiting to be bought in Milwaukee, WI. The gravy comes from mainly the turkey. The people that make the gravy get the oils that come from the chicken while they are cooking it. Then, they use the oils to make the gravy. The bought off the shelves and made into mashed potatoes.The gravy is bought, too and it is put on the mashed potatoes. In all, the potatoes traveled 1,736.5 miles from Idaho (the potato farm) to milwaukee(the store) We used to see how far it was to travel places for each food. We also used to gain a little knowledge about the three food items. SOURCES By: Christopher Knutson, Aiden Ho, and Ryan Winter Food Miles Infographic Reasoning We think it is very important to eat local because the local foods travel less miles to get to your plate.Also, you don't have to wonder where your food comes from. When eating local, you know where all your food comes from. Lastly, it is important to eat local because there are less chemicals in the food. For example, let's say you buy foods at Pick n' Save. Then you go to Outpost right across the street. The foods that you buy at Outpost probably traveled less miles than the foods you buy at Pick n' Save.
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