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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Scare Tatics Fallacies of Emotional Argument Fallacies of Ethical Argument Fallacies of Logical Argument Either-or Choices Slippery Slope Scare tatics are used to stampede legitimate fears into panic, by using this tatic the opponent ceases thinking By giving an either-or choice the argument is simplified and gets accomplishes faster Because of Event X, Event Y will happen Overly Sentimental Appeals Plays with the opponents emotions to distract them from thinking clearly Bandwagon Appeals Leads individuals to follow everyone else Appeals to False Authority Ad Hominem Arguments Stacking the Deck Dogmatism When writers offer themselves as a sufficient source of information The truth is self evident and does not need any support Attacks the opponents character and not their claim Only showing the side of the argument that favors their case Hasty Generalization Red Herring Faulty Causality Begging the Question Equivocation Non Sequitur Straw Man Faulty Analogy An interference drawn from faulty evidence Misleading use of a word with more than one meaning Assuming that because two things are alike in more than one way, they are alike in some other respect An irrelevant topic introduced to divert attention from the original argument Attacks an argument that is not there The writer assumes the statement under examination to be true The assumption that because of one event another will follow An argument whose claims, reasons or warrants do not logically connect Fallacies of Argument
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