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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The flute is a woodwind instrument There are many historical instruments related to the flute such as the oboe, the piccolo, and many more. Although many instruments may seem like the flute, the flute is avery original instrument, with parts that no other instrument has The flute makes itsmagestic noise by blowing into the tiny hole towardsthe top of the instrument. This noise isamplified depending on howhard you blowinto theinstrument. The Pitch of the instrumentis changed depending on whatkeys you presswhile blowinginto theinstrument. The higher noisesare created by pressing the keyscloser to the hole, and the lower noises are made by pressingthe keys furthest from the hole. There are many different famous flutists. Theseflutists are famous, but are not well recognized by many people. Some of the famouspeople are:Robert AltkenIan AndersonVivian Guzman... and many, many others. Most flutes are createdout of nickel silver. Nickel silver is a combination of copper,nickel, and zinc. This gives the instrument alow density, but quite resistant to damage The flute can be played in manygenres of music, but it is typicallyplayed in classical music. The Flute Fun Fact: George Washington, James Madison and Leonardo da Vinci all played the flute. "What is this?" Danman Home Page. Web. 8 Feb. 2015.<> Bibliography .ALTUS handmade flutes.web. 8 Feb. 2015.<> "Flute Monkey, for all things flute." Flute Monkey, for all things flute.web.8 Feb. 2015.<> The sound waves travel to the keys to make the sound,with the keys closest to the blow hole traveling a shorter distance, creating a higher pitched sound
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