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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Flush DOG 2009 Carl Hiaasen "I wasn't proud that my dad was sitting in jail, but I knew he was a good person. Even when he flies off the handle, at least he's fighting for something close to his heart." (Chapter 4, page 46) The main character is Noah. Hisfather is an environmentalist who discovers that the local casino boat is dumping sewage in the water. In order to get it to stop, he sinks the boat and gets arrested. The casino owner continues to illegally dump so Noah, his sister, and some others in Town (Lice & Shelley) decide to find proof of the dumping to vindicate Noah's father and put the casino owner in jail. Mac | Early Adopter | Gadgets KEYQUOTE THEME MAIN CHARACTERS Dusty Mulman-flatPaine Underwood-roundNoah Underwood-roundLice Peeking-roundGrandpa Bobby-roundAbbey Underwood-roundDonna Underwood-flatJasper-roundThom-flatShelly- roundRado-flat YEAR MADE WRITTEN BY: SETTING 1.Florida is the main state.2.Coral Queen (Dustys Boat).3.The Prison Paine was held in.4.Noahs house5.The Keys (Noahs neighborhood). MAKENZI FARLEY VOCABULARY and or irritable; saw for cutting The climax is when Noah sneaks onto the casino boat in a crate and meets Shelly. Shelly then sneaks him into the bathroom. Shelly takes breaks and pours fuchsia dye in the toilets while Noah does the same. CLIMAX
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