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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The atomic bomb was initially designedto protect ourselves in case of Germanattack.Germany has surrendered; theresno reason to use such a detrimental weapon anymore. Albert Einstein & Leo Szilard Should Japan surrender? Negotiate? Yes Yes Yes N/A Know about the atomic bomb? Use atomic bomb? Im inclined to using the bomb on Japan before the USSRintervenes and takesadvantage of the situation. Also, manyof our soldiers, assetsand time have been spent on this endless war, which must come to an end immediately. Harry Truman Dwight Eisenhower The war had alreadyenfeebled Japangreatly, and I see noneed in using theatomic bomb to make them surrender - asthey will surrender soon anyways. No No Yes No No Some Japanese ambassadorshave already asked me to helpdiscuss terms with the Allied Powers. I am waiting for the USand Japan to stop the war and negotiate so that the USSR couldbenefit through arbitrating them. Joseph Stalin The war should have ended a longtime ago; many soldiers have diedand been tortured. The Japanese soldiers are so determined to win, Ifeel it is almost impossible to forcethem to surrender unless we use a powerful weapon to stop them. US Marine There's too much property and life loss.Japan cannot spare to continue on fighting.We must negotiate terms with the US and surrender. Kantaro Suzuki Emperor Hirohito Suzuki has been persuading me tosurrender. However, I have pride inour soldiers and surrendering meansmy abdication. Unless the AlliedPowers assure my position asemperor, I will continue to fight until the end. Japan should surrender; however,only on the condition that the emperor is allowed to keep his throne. We do not know what theAllied Powers will say, and Im afraid they wont explain the termsto us clearly. Japanese Ambassador 8 Different Opinions onthe End of World War II Seung Yeon (Emily) YuBlock 2 2014.04.26
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