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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Florida Florida NewPortRichey In 1964, the government passed a law called, the Civil Rights Act of 1964 In 1817, the first Seminole War started because the US government wanted the land of Florida. But in order to do this, they had to take it from the Seminoles. They started to build theJohn F Kennedy Space center in 1962 in a eager rush to beat the SovietUnion(Russia) to the moon In 1835, the third and last Seminole War started because thesame reason of all of them, the US wantedthe land. After all three wars no one won, the US signed a peace treaty with the Seminoles. In 1821, the secondSeminole War started because the Seminoles did not want the US government to take their precious land. After many wars, the reconstruction happened, it effected all of the people because most of them were left with nothing Two resources that helps Florida's industry are the orange sales ($10.68 billion) and the tourism ($71.8 billion). The Spanish American war brought many Americans to Florida for the first time. The causes of the Seminole Wars was the U.S Government wanted the land but the Seminoles refusedto give up the land. Because the Europeans wanted to settlewith the Native American tribes, a lot ofNative Americans died from diseases. The difference of a state governmentand a local government is that a state government provides the whole state while a local government only provides a city or county The Spanish Rule turned some cities in Florida into military bases.The Spanish Rule also made many Cubans fled to Florida Florida's role in the Reconstruction and the Civil War was to send material to the other states. Juan Ponce de Leon came to Florida to find the Fountain of YouthPanfilo de Narvaez's goal was to colonize SpanishFlorida The Judicial branch is led by the supreme court The Executive branch is the way the state organizes The Legislative branchprovides a statebudget The government branches Did you know that Henry Flagler built a railroad over from another state to Key West in Florida, Henry Plant built a railroad that stopped at his hotels he built, and Juan Ponce de Leon discovered Florida? Civic duties are important to Florida because, without them Florida would probably be a very bad place because we have to be responsible to pay taxes, go the speed limit, obey the laws, and not litter. Flagler's railroad started from another state then ended in Key West, Florida.Plant's railroad made a railroad stopping at a variety of his hotels, and ended in Tampa, Florida Pioneers are very poor people who lives in the woods.They made everything they have.They owned farmsfor food and money. Cape Canaveral is the location of America's spaceport. Space rockets are launched from Florida and monitored by surrounding islands. Pioneers
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