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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Florida State TIMES BORO & DONCASTERHAVE GONE HEAD TO HEAD IN ALL COMPETITONS BROWN Come see what Florida has to offer IN ALL COMPETITIONS ADOMAH By: Ryan, Nathan, and Evin Sunshine The Population of major Floridian cities Miami Orlando Tallahassee Capitol Major City 1565 Spain attacks Fort Caroline 1763 Spain gives FL to Great Britan 1783 Great Britain gives FL back to Spain FL becomes part of the U.S.A. 1821 FL becomes a State 1845 Executive:Enforces the laws Legislative:Makes the laws Judicial:Enforces the laws Space centers made F.L. grow. Lot's of of churches, stores, hospitals, schools, and more were built around the space center. Florida is the only space center in the United States that shoots of rockets. Civic duties means to do what you are supposed to do to help the economy and do a common good. Helping each other out Florida released black slaves and let them live in Florida because of the Civil Rights Movement Equality Henry Flagler built railroads and thefamous OverseasRailroad in Florida Henry Plant built many railroads and resorts in Florida 1.States the laws and rights2.Makes sure people follow the laws3.Protects citizens from danger How the Constitution Protects the Rights of U.S Citizens 1. Florida becomes popular for the railroads 2. To get to places in Florida faster and easier 1.Pioneer homes are simple, one or 2 rooms2.Most pioneers are farmers3.They had limited resources Explorers 1.Ponce de Leon found the soon to be Florida in 15132.Hernando de Soto was in one of the seco