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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 WEAK Seat Strech STRONG VS Muscle pain Triceps Stretch Standing Quadriceps Cross Over Sitting on the ground, have your feet together. Try and touch your toes for at least 10 seconds. With poor flexibility, you can have sore muscles that can be very painful. Less Stress Stiff Arteries Injuries Place one arm across yourchest and pull towards you with the other arm. Place one arm over your headand behind you. Take the other arm and pull down on your elbow. Standing on one foot, pull the other foot up towards your bottom and hold for at least 10 seconds Cross your legs and bend over and try to touch your toes. Hold for at least 15 seconds Less Back Pain Tight muscles in your lower back can cause back pain. By stretching, the tight muscles aren't so tight anymore. By not stretching, you have tence and tight back muscles. By stetching it makes those muscles less tence and tight which makes you less stressed. With poor flexibility it can cause your arteries to go stiff. Signs include things like you can't touch your toes. Arm across chest With poor flexibility the chance of getting an injury during a workout or a sports event is higher. Flexibility may not seem necessary but with flexibility, you can make your muscles stronger. Without flexibility you become weaker. Flexibility is when you bend without hurting yourself. 5 EXERCISES OF FLEXIBILITY BENIFITS AND POOR FLEXIBILITY Fun fact: Animals stretch too!!
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