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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Save the Sea 131 259 40% of the ocean pollution is cigerrete butts. Water pollution is a BIG DEAL because...if we keep dumping close to 4 billion pounds of trash into the sea per year the water will be forever contaminated and polluted killing sea creatures and HUMMANS TOO!! Unfortounately this colorful water is a VERY bed thing! This is an oil spill even a small one will kill anything in it's path. million tons of toxic waste is thrown into the ocean every year Ways you can help!! Wash only full loads of laundry and dishesUse less pesticidesDon't flush things that aren't biodegradable Fix your car leaksBuy a fuel efficient carDon't release helium filled balloonshelp clean up the beachesDo not dispose of fishing nets in the oceanChoosing non-toxic alternatives for household cleaning products The latest generation of membrane filters will accommodate large flow rates and offer improved cleaning effectiveness Leads to... 50 million people die every year due to polluted water. We are loosing more and more beautiful oceanic quality every year! Oil pollution in North america...ways that oil pollution happens. 180 leads to... O C E A N National geographicEducations | The Water PageWater Issues | The Water PageFacts About Water Pollution - Types of Water Pollution, Causes and Effects SOURCES
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