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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Finding Nemo 2. Call To Adventure 1. Status Quo double click to change this header text! Nemo got ready to go to school and met his friends. Marlin's and Nemo's adventure started when Nemo touched the butt and the divers captured him. 3. Assistance As Marlin was chasing after the boat, he met Dory. Dory assisted him to where the boat went, until she confronted she suffers from memory loss. 4. Departure Nemo was captured by a diver and was taken from his home. 5. Trials There were many trials that Marlinhad to go through to find his son. 6. Approach While trying to find Nemo, he passed by sharks, sea turtles, etc. 7. Crisis Marlin and Dory almost lost the mask of where the address was, they also met sharks, and they got stuck in the whale's mouth, etc. 8. Treasure When Marlin and Dory found Nemo, he wasthe treasure, because Marlin lost the rest of his little fishies 9. Results Once they found one another, they went back to their home, with Dory. Marlin gained moreconfidence with swimming in the sea. 10. Return Nemo started going backto school like normal and he still continued his morning routines, but with Dory as well. 11. New Life As they returned home, Dory joined along with them and started a new life with her. 12. Resolution They all got along and even got avisit from the sharks. Marlin also wasable to answer all of Nemo's questions,such as how long sea turtles live. double click to changethis text! Drag a cornerto scale proportionally. By: Annyka Mendoza
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