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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Experience Finding Forrester Finding Forrester Jamal: A successful boy. Near the Wallace also attracted the attention of a mysterious oldpeople who live alone; After hisgray-haired, hiding behind thecurtains peep Wallace and his friends are playing in the park ,never leave home. So Jamal what know the mysterious old man boldly exactly is who .Wallace Jamal sneaks in, But when he harry to get out fromthe apartment. He's backpack is left. When he back to get hisbackpack. He find the article written by notebook in diaries are corrects relentlessly. Sixteen years old Jamal Wallaceis a very like basketball . He play basketball with his friendsin New York. He dreams be a very nice basketball player aroundthe word. He has a talent for writing. He wasn't good grads in school, andeven can be said to be humble, but he was in a big provincial exam get a very high mark .Attracted a bit in Manhattan, is given private aristocratic middle school attention. They are willing to provide Jamal a full scholarship. With William Forrester The first step to success Wallace Jamal soon found this old apartment,it is a very good place to challenge his writtenability. He this old man becomes friends .seclusion to accept his guidance . More later he find this strange old man is William Forresterwrite a Classic Avalon Landing fifty years agoWon the Pulitzer prize writer. and this is he lastnovel. Now Wallace wearing the old glasses shut in the home never get off the house. Jamal try to seize the opportunity learn sth. Forrester is his tutor teach also is his friends. New trouble In the new school Wallace encounter discriminationwith a vision, a defiant literature teacher, The teacherenvy Wallace had teased him and believe that work is definitely not from Wallace's hand. like other people help and said someone Wallace to reference.Wallace want to prove himself in the composition contest, so took at William's articles, this article is toborrow. William, at the beginning of the old article of a paragraph of text. Is considered by the teachers copy. But Wallace to comply with the agreement of two people don't want to say the things related to William. The scholarship was cancelled. A year later, Forrester's attorney (Matt Damon) meets with Jamal and tells him that Forrester died of cancer, with which he had been diagnosed before he met Jamal. The lawyer gives Jamal the keys to Forrester's apartment and a letter in which Forrester thanks Jamal for helping him rekindle his desire to live. The package contains the manuscript for Forrester's second novel, for which Jamal is expected to write the foreword.
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