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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Financing Skills Training 11.6% 464Training providers 88.4% have been registered with PTPKequipped with financialassistance to deliverskills training. Industrial Skills Enchancement Programme (INSEP) Loan for Workers Workforce Technical Transformation Programme (WTTP) 1,880 trainee $ has been approved financing skills trainingin 2014 which consist a total of Skills training funds approval ... Loan Programme forSchool Leavers inContinuous Training(RM 314.36 million) Workforce Technical Transformation Programme (WTTP)(RM 22.68 million) Low High Average Repayment Management Providing loans and financial assistance to school leavers,graduates and workers who wish to pursue in skills training Public Private Funding Approval To The Target Skill Group Loan for School Leavers Loan Programme for Workers inUpskilling & Reskilling(RM 19.96 million) 1,992 trainee Industrial Skills Enchancement Programme(INSEP)(RM 34.53 million) RM 391.53 Million 1,752 trainee 21,663 trainee 31.04% - RM 206.08 Million RM 65.48 Million - 20.23% Cumulative collection Skills Training Loan Repayment from January 2001 till 31 December 2014 27,287 Trainee PTPK PTPK BTPK Overall Collection: RM 271.56 Million Since 31 December 2014,has been collected which is from the total to be collected RM96.13 millionto ensure the continuity of funding. RM 42.56 Million 44%
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