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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 ACE: a highly acclaimed insurance company has begun to tie Ebola Insurance on to many of their coverage plans but ONLY for those working under U.S based companies that travel overseas. 10% Who would buy Ebola Insurance? Finance and risk assessment By: Leanne Burton Documented as starting around March 2014, the Ebola outbreak has startled and intrigued those across the globe and has even sparked a scare-tactic phenomenon that has led many to consider health-care coverage that includes 'Ebola Insurance'. As of January 20th, 8,690 people have died of Ebola mainly in the 6 nations including Liberia, Guinea, Sierra Leone, Nigeria, Mali, and The United States of America. According to Lockton Global, most insurance companies are concerned withpersonal risk and/or disruption in normal business operationresulting in loss of revenue. Topic Questions: What kind of Insurance policy term would be used to describethis type of Insurance additive? Do you think Ebola Insurance is a necessary additive for personal/business insurance claims? Why or why not? Those of use who may consider taking on 'Ebola Insurance' will undoubtely face higher premiums attached to our general health insurance plans (should they be made available to us) but what is the cost for bigger companies who knowingly send their employees into high risk areas?
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