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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 What is the effect of polygamy on mormonism? Sisterwives? To deny the importance of polygamy in mormonism is to be in denial of a big part of mormonism. Mormons have claimed that when they usedthe practice ofpolygamy, itwas a commandment from God.It was not revealed until later that thepractice shouldbe ceased. -Polygamy was not admired by federal legislation, which caused some mormons to fled to mexicoin order to continuetheir practices ofpolygamy.-The Mexican Revolution forced theMormons in Mexicoto come back to the US because the Federal legislation became evenunhappier when they fled to Mexico. Polotics Religion What ended polygamy? -A man by the nameof Wilford Woodruff was said to havebanned the practiceof Polygamy in the US.-It is claimed thatover the yearsPolygamy has caused"uproar and distaste" towards the Mormonchurch.-Polygamy seems to have been an ongoing issuethat the church hasfaced.-Polygamy is claimed toof ended in the year1890. Conclusions Over the years, Polygamy and the practice Polygamy wasa rather bumpy road for Mormons to face. Even thoughnot all Mormons participated in the practice of Polygamy,they were still associated with it. Polygamy causedsuch an uproar towards the church over the years that the Mormons ended up not being able to practiceit any longer. Obviously, polygamy did not have a good affect on the way Mormons portrayed themselves at all. It was frowned upon by many other religions, people,and even the government. So, no wonder it didn'tlast. SOURCES: Nielsen, Michael. "How the LDS Church could address the polygamy question." Salt Lake Tribune, The (UT) 14 Apr. 2008, Columnists Opinion: NewsBank. Web. 28 Jan. 2015.Ariotti, Danette. "LDS mythology: polygamy part 1." Life Examiner (USA) 30 Apr. 2010, LDS Church Examiner: NewsBank. Web. 28 Jan. 2015Knickerbocker, Brad. "Mitt Romney addresses a touchy subject about his religion." Christian Science Monitor, The (Boston, MA) 21 Apr. 2012, USA: NewsBank. Web. 29 Jan. 2015 By: Abbey Loveland
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