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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Teens athletes should have at least 9 hours of sleep on a nightly basis Athletes who lack sleep are more prone to injuries More likely to lose their balance and fall. Lacking Sleep- 68% Proper Sleep- 32% Fatigue Trouble focusing Injury Rate Lack of sleep slows down an athlete's reaction time Signs that the athlete is lacking sleep Sources Teta, Jade. Teta, Keoni. Enhancing the Performance of the Athlete: Part 1. Townsend Letter Group, December 2013. PDF File. January 15 2015. <> Jacobs, Mary. "The Secret to Teen Athletes Success Might Be Their Sleep." The Dallas Morning News. The Dallas Morning News Inc., 02 September 2013. Web. 15 January 2015. <> "Sleep, Athletic Performance, and Recovery." Sleep & Athletic Performance. 2014 National Sleep Foundation, n.d. Web. 15 January 2015. <>. Dizzy Low Energy Sherwood, Chris. "Does a Lack of Sleep Affect an Athlete's Performance?" LIVESTRONG. LIVESTRONG, 18 December 2013. Web. 15 January 2015. <>. Makes your hand-eye coordination a little off. Causes "risky" decision making. Zzzz It also slows down the recovery process. Hmm.. Why? Less energy resources are available for helping muscles and tissues recover. What are the mainconsequences of teen athletes lacking proper sleep at night? Your brain is thinking about other things and forgets to focus. Created by: Mikayla Haack 7 in 10 teen athletesdon't get enough sleep Other Facts and Consequences
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