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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Identity What I Learned that hepls me critcaly think. 60s At first I thought the 60s were a time of just getting high and having sex all the time but now looking back at it IN History and reading the 60 portable I learned that it was more abou trying new things and changing the ideals of life and coming together as community and not just thinking about yourself What I learned that really touched my heart. Watching movies like Milk, boys don't cry held me and the last two sacretic seminars of the year held me realize how its hard to be different in this world and how hard its show your true self I learned new words and new sexual identity I thought there was only Heterosexuality Bisexuality and transsexualism but theirs pan-sexuality also and many more. below is a graph of how much I learned about different identity's.Watching movies Like Malcolm X and Steal this movie and lone ranger and Tonto fist fighting held me learned about Identity because they ether had to live on the reservations or become integrated Into white society as for Malcolm X he was seen less then a man because of the color of his skin he had To ether accept his role in live of Fight back against the racist injustice that The U.S was using on the colored. I learned a lot From the L.A cluster But what I learned Most is intersectionality. I learned that a lot of the problems in the U.S are connected Such as the poor and going to war or losing there houses because they cant afford to pay taxes and the rich manufacturer weapons so that they can sell to army's and make money of the soldiers and the cycle continues. Transgender Community Racial identity Other Homosexuality community 35% 5% 40% 20% double click to change this title text! L.A English 11 final What really touched my heart was more Sad because I thought The U.S cared a lot more about people especially the ones that go to war but they don't In history I learned and saw what we did To Vietnam and the images were hard to see also in an article I read from English It seems like then people we sent there were becoming beasts they would cut of ears of the soldiers and they killed and raped civilians such as women ion children here is an image that I didn't even know about till Todd's class. Anson Morales
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