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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 What is Semantics ? What's Achievement Management? What's Achievement Management? Is the study of meaning. BUSINESS GOALS EVERYBODY has clear targets, aligned to business goals EVERYBODY has clear targets, aligned to business goals. ACHIEVEMENT PLAN What's that? 10-20 Responsibilities ... each with 1-3 measurable targets Handle incoming phone-calls * Nobody waits longer than 30 secs * Boss always returns important calls same day E.g. Handle incoming phone-calls How do we use it? Identifying / removing barriers to achievement -> Also used for: double click to changethis text! Drag a cornerto scale proportionally. double click to change this header text! Semantics One word can have more than one meaning. Words components. Ball big + large mere ( adult and famale ) Opposite words. clean \ dirty Different words have the same meaning. Meanings of some words are included in the meaning of others. VegetablePotato Certain combination of words have different meaning than the combination of their separate meanings. Die \ Pass on Polysem y The same morphological word having several meanings in a single word. كبير+ ضخم نظيف \متسخ Ball حفلة راقصة \ كرة Crane + البطاطس صنف من الخضروات A word having the same or nearly the same meaning. A building tall A building high مبنى عالٍ Synonymy مبنى شاهق Absolute Synonymy Autumn - Fall الخريف Stylistically different Die - Pass on مات - فارق الحياة مات - فارق الحياة formal - Informal Antonymy Beautiful - Ugly جميل - قبيح Implicitly graded antonyms Big - Smallصغير - كبير Complementarity Converseness John is not single.جون ليس اعزبJohn is married.جون متزوج Sell - Buyشراء - بيع implies::مما يعني In pairs Hyponymy Hyponymy The realtionship between words Idioms Superordinate term Co-hyponyms A group of words whose meaning cannot be explained in terms of the habitual meanings of the words that make up the piece of language. It's raining cats and dogsانها تمطر بغزارة * Alliterative comparisons: { good as gold } *Preposition phrase : * Noun phrases : * Verb + noun phrase: *Verb + preposition phrase: *Verb + adverb : { a close shave } { at sixes and sevens } { kick the bucket } { give in } { be in clover } Arabic Idioms حبل الكذب قصير \ اذا غاب القط لِعِب الفار\اضرب عصفورين بحجر Done by : 3E5 Nada alzamel Ghadah alawaji Fay alkhamis Reem fadhel Sources : 1.Loreto Todd. An Introduction to Linguistics.London: Longman ,1991.2. 3. * Different emotional responses conceal - hide Types of Semantics : 1- Conceptual 2- Associative The sense relation involving oppositeness of meaning.
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