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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 30 - 50 How many arethere currently? 24 - 30 2515 14th St W, Bradenton, FL 34205 Phone: (941) - 747 - 8808 A selective Breeding Campaign Zebra Horse Hobra I am a horse, and I have 205bones in my skeleton. Didyou know that I can sleepstanding up. Also I can shortly run after birth. The fastest record of speed I can reach is 88,kph and also 55,mph. I have bigger eyes than any other mammal on land. Did you know thatI can see 360 degrees at onetime because my eyes are atthe side of my head.I am Herbivores.Also a malehorse is called a stallion.Then a Female horse is called a Mare. I am a zebra, and I ampart of the horse family.I have excellent hearingand eyesight and can runat speeds of up to 35 miles per hour.I am mostly found in the southAfrica.I send signal by myeyes,ears, and also my teeth.For example whenmy ears are flat back itmeans follow my orders.When I am grouped withother zebras it makes ithard for a lion or a leopard to pick one of us to chase and eat. I am a Hobra, and myfamilies are the horsesand the zebras.I could goup to 80 or 90,mph for mymy speed.Plus I can communicate with bothzebras and horses.AlsoI can live in both environment for bothanimals. I'm not foundanywhere in the countries. I can see veryfar because my eyesare beside of my head. I see up to more than 360degrees.Out of allmammal's I have the biggest eyes.
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