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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 5 Innovative Timeline: Realizing the potential and how amazing this project is, the group decided to put together the new ideas along with the solutions to the smaller detailsand obstacles found while deconstructing and doing the exercise. Brainstorm Switch Gears Exercise Plan Week 13-16 Week 9-12 Week 10-14 1 2 Deconstruct We used our texts to help continue to deconstruction of the project as well asincorporate new ideas that could be incorporated with this project. Some of these ideas can be included during the reconstruction of the project while others are more long term innovations. The excersises came from texts such as " Creativity Now" and "Look at More" 3 4 Create and begin cementing our creativity as innovation that upholds thevalues presented by the school and which we, as students, believe should be upheld and displayed to prospective students, and reminisced by alumni.Create Executive summary that could voice our ideas to others intrested in investing in the future. Took our initial ideas and began to look at the specificity of the task. We asked ourselves who would be behind this task, where we wouldget the Pedicabs, how would we implement the use of the BuPedicab Tour around the school, who would we like to see take a tour, how wouldwe like it to be marketed, and how will we modify the pedicab due to weather and terrain conditions. After many sessions of questions and hypothetical situations and solutions. We deemed the project to be deconstructed. Professor Blazo had come up with he idea of wanting a Pedicab Service. We decided to invest in this idea of exploring the makeup of such a service by looking at all the possible ways we could benefit the Binghamton University Community and help us continue to strive and reach our status as a premier university. As students we realized,the BUPedicab should embody our school and scholarly values: Innovation, Ambition, Drive, Passion and Sustainability Week 6-8 Week 8-11 Week 6-8 Week 10-14 Week 9-12 Week 8-11 Week 13-15
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