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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 ~In order to support my lifestyle it takes 20.2 global acres of the earth's productive area My Life Footprint It's time to take the world in our own hands My Ecological Footprint My Water Footprint My Carbon Footprint ~If everyone lived the way i do we would need 4.5 earths! -Water used in my home and yard- 39 gallons. The average american uses 100 gallons.-Water used for my diet- 526 gallons. The average american uses 1,056 gallons- Water used for energy- 1,159 gallons. The average american uses 700 gallons.-All together i use 1,900 gallons of water. The average american uses 2,088 gallons. ~my total greenhouse gasesemissions is 22 tons of carbon dioxide per year. this under average for a U.S. average person ~Home Energy- 27.6%~Driving and Flying- 45.3%~Recycling and Waste- 4.3% SPEAK UP! Make your world a better place! There are many things that i could do in order to use less carbon and water ,and to make the amount of worlds that it would take to support the way i live ,go down. In order to lessen my water use i could take shorter showers. If i wanted to reduce my use of carbon I could unplug my charger when I'm not using it.I can walk more places are carpool with friends to school and back rather than riding the bus if i wanted to lessen the amount of worlds it takes to support the way i live, if everyone lived like me. Mobility6% Goods18% Services43% Shelter6% Food26%
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