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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Munster High School Mr.Fortner Paulo Campos IN_30_ZZ375 Investment Rationale Name of Company: Under Armour Ticker: UA Purchase Price: $64.57 Number of Shares (Total): 25Ending Price (as of 12/5/14):$69.43 Gains or Losses: $105.36 Total Invested: $56,240.03 Remaining Balance: $43,759.97Overall Unrealized Gains/Losses: $261.07 Total Equity Gains: $100,409.63 Net Equity Gains: $409.63 Percent Return: 0.41% I chose Under Armour because I had looked back on the stock prices for it and it seemed to be increasing with occasional drops but it would always go back up. Also, while shopping I have seen more and more Under Armour products in stores.In school I have also seen more Under Armour clothing being used.On TV I have been seeing advertisements for Under Armour which I never had before. Strategy Before we started playing the game we had decided that we would invest in stable and risky stocks, but when we started playing the game we decided to invest in well known companies and we knew would be stable. We decided to invest in companies we knew we could make a slow profit off of and if it did decrease it would not hurt us as bad. If I played the Stock Market Game again I would invest more of our money in stocks. I think we were too cautious with the money and therefore did not make much of a profit. Also, if I played this game again i would short sell stocks and try to spend all of our money. Maybe we could even invest in risky stocks. Future Changes Overview of Portfolio Stock Portfolio
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