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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Previously being beat up by Socs, Johnny is paranoid and carries a six inch switchblade with him.When the Socs were about to beat up Ponyboy, Johnny and as well as other greasers came to the scene to help fight them. Johnny instantly fell to the back of the crowd when he saw that one of the Socs had three rings on.Remembering that that the Soc that badly beat him up had three rings, Johnny was filled with fear.After Johnny was beat up, the gang has been watching and always being with Johnny to protect him. 1 In chapter two, Johnny is with Dally and Ponyboy and they are going to the drive in movies. But in this chapter, Johnnys character will be developing and will clue into the next chapters. Dally is Harassing a Soc named Cherry and Johnny stood up for her and told Dallyto stop. Dally stops and it is sort of is a confidence booster for Johnny. After Dally leaves, Cheery invites the boys to sit with her and her friend. Johnny was able to talkto the girls and ask them questions. Once Two-Bit came and was joking around, Johnny again told Two-Bit why the girls invited them up. 2 After the movie was over, Johnny, Ponyboy, Two-bit, Cherry, and Marcia went to go to Two-Bits house to go drive the girls home. As theywere walking, some Cherry and Marcias boyfriends in ablue Mustang spotted them walking. Johnny instantly grabbed his switchblade. Ponyboy knew he would use it if the time came. Johnny was ready for a fight, and he wouldn't let those Socs beat him up like they did before. 3
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