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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Denim To DYE For Denim To DYE For LOGO HERE Real, Crafted, and Optimistic - Hudson Cotton Elastic Lyocell 70% 28% 2% Fiber Content Use of Lyocell:-Hydrophillic (absorbs perspiration)-Imitates hand of silk and suede (very soft)-Resistant to shrinkage-Medium lusterUse of Cotton:-Electrical conductor (no static)-No pilling (abrasion resistant)-Thermal conductor (keeps body cool)Use of Elastic:-Stretch (slim fit)-Comfort Hand:-Very soft-Resembles suede -Unique to other denim Made in the USA! US-$23.32-Work day: 8.6 hours double click to change this header text! China-$1.36-Work day: 12 hours (1) Denim Mills Journey Through Denim History Yarn Construction -Core spun yarns Weave -Twill weave Dye -Garment dyed (the lighter pink)-Resist printed -Applied resist medium at knees -Dipped into the darker pink Demin fabric originatedin the French town of Nimes Levi Strauss popularized denim and discoveredtwill cotton. (2) Jeans were originally made with hemp, which was uncomfortable In the 1970's jeans were established as a fashion trend. Now they are a huge staple in everyone'swardrobe. Denim trends cycle in and out fast. (1) Garment Analysis By Olivia Manley Cost: $229 No known finishes The Hudson Story "We want to encourage people to investigate their truest selves, and engage with the world around them in meaningful ways." - Peter Kim- Hudson Jeans Founder and CEO (Screenshot from No known finishes Super Skinny Krista Jean
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