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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 AIR: Planes LAND: TANKS (AKA "LITTLE WILLiE") First time use to deliver bombs and spyingLater became a fighter aircraft with machine guns, bombs, and cannonsTypes of planes (only a few): AEG C.IVGerman aircraft that was twin seatedAeromarine 39Created 1916American made Twin seatAeromarine 40Two seat flying boat by the American Navy Modern Warfare of World War I References:"World War One- Weapons"8/17/2014 Retrieved from"World War 1 Weapons 1914-1918" (N.D) retrieved from"WW1 Fighter Aircraft" 3/19/2014 retrieved from (, ND) ("Airplanes of World War One" Stephen Sherman, ND) Carried by submarines Would carry mines instead of torpedoesGermany let 43000 mines lose in the sea and sunk 44 royal navy ships and 497 merchant ships ("World War One- Weapons", 2014)In 1918 U.S Naval Squadron enforced blockade of Germans and laid a mine field as deep as a submarine can go and this sunk four U-boats. ("World War One- Weapons", 2014). Stretched 245 miles by 35 miles SEA: Sea Mines ("Moored-contact) ND (Catalogue>> ICM Holding) (Catalogue>> ICM Holding) ("Welcome to the Tank Museum" 2009) ("World War I" ND) ("World War I: Sea War" ND) ("United States of America Mines" 2014) Little Willie was the smallest and 3 people max could operate First to be made Max speed was 3mph; today that might sound slow, but that was enough to get across enemy lines "Willie" could NOT cross trenches Battle of Somme was the first time when "Willie" was used, changing the war "Willie" was used to cross trenches and withstand the barbed wire
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