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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 TITLE: Final Justice at Adobe Wells Theme: Don't be afraid to stand up and fight for what you own Stuart Brannon- Has been greiving over his dead wife for a while nowAnd is trying to steal the heart of a hispanicwoman who's husband just got murdered He is also trying to get his rustled cattle back along the way.Captain Porter- An ex confederate soldierwho won't admit that the war is overgathers up his own little army and steals Brannon's cattle and murders senor pacifica Setting- mexicoIn the old west long long ago double click to change this header text! Plot:Beginning- Stuart Brannon is on a train headed to Mexico and there is a man on that train that has heard millions of good things about Stuart Brannon but the train gets robbed well Stuart Brannon saves the day but the man gets shot trying to protect himself and Brannon has to deliver a letter for the man that got shot and it is on his way to Mexico so he agrees to deliver the message and on the way there he finds some ranchhands that can help him with the cattle he is going to buy in Mexicofrom a famous rancher senor Pacifica and he also finds some apache boys along the way.Middle- Brannon gets south of the border and finds his cattle rustled and theirowner murdered and he realizes that he is up against something a lot bigger than small time rustlers. An old confederate soldier stole the cattle to finance his private army. But Captain Porter picked the wrong cowboy to deal with a big army or not nobody is stealing Stuart Brannon's cattle and getting awaywith it.End- Stuart gets his cattle back but is still grieving over the loss of his wifeand he gets to know the old rancher's wife and he has to decide whether to let the ghost of his late wife control his future or step out on a limband Stuart decides to marry the pretty widow named Victoria Pacifica.Climax- The fight against Brannon and Porter to get Brannon's cattle back. objective summary- Stuart Brannon wants to buy a herd of prize cattle from a famous Hispanic cowboy senor pacificabut Captain Porter an ex-confederate soldier that wontadmit that the war is over and they lost to the Union will make sure that Brannon gets no cattle by grouping uphis own little army and rustling the cattle and murdering senor pacifica so Stuart and some ranch-hands willfind the stolen cattle and find Captian Porter and will also fall in love along the way.
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