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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 CurrentOrganization Structure 1. 1820-1830Common School Era Primary The evolution American Education OF Extra PostsecondaryEducation Secondary The United States does not havea higher doctorate, but does havepost doctorate research programs.There is also adult, continuing education, andspecial education through all education levels. *Associate*Bachelor*Master*Doctor Elementary Teaching Junior & High School 2. 1840sFeminization 4. 1862-1868Freed Slaves 3.1839 NormanSchools 6. 1960s - 1980s Social, Teacher, Professionalism Equality In order to staff the increasing number of universal schools, communities turned to women causing feminization domination of women. The United States realized that women had always ran Dame schools in their own home for children, and argued that women had a nurturing and maternal character. Although women where being accepted by the public to become teachers, many women were paid only a thirdof what men received. SInce the Colonia Period Official teachers where created during the 18th hundreds. Ergo, during the 18th hundreds and early decades of the 19th century only male teachers were common. Most teachers where farmers, innkeepers, and surveyors. Ergo, Horace Mann had a goal to make education universal.He realized schools needed more teachers,and the only solution was to allow womento teach. In 1839, the first state-sponsored Normal School, was created in Lexington Massachusetts under Cyrus Peirce and Horace Mann. Normal Schools where meant to provide training for teachers. Normal Schools had a short life because in the twentieth century education courses moved into regularcolleges and universities. Ergo,the impact of Normal Schools was dramatic as states realized the need to provide preparation for teachers. After the Union forces assaulted St.Helena Island on the Port Royal Sound, the plantation left their homes and slaves behind, CharlotteForten and Laura Towne undertook the challenge to educate the abanded and soon to be free slaves. The efforts to educate black individuals became known as the Port Royal Experiment. In 1868 General Samuel Chapman Armstrong vision became a reality, and Hampton Institute in Virginia was created as a Normal School for newly freed slaves. In the 20th century 75% of teachers where women who where unpaid and dictated with no pension, benefits, or job security. In the rural areas teachers had limited resources and African-American teachers suffered from funding and had a worse salarythan white schools. Teaching positions where dispensed through political patronage. Married women where barred from classroomsand women with children were denied a placein schools. Urban schools had overcrowding, poorly ventilated, and dark schools. When teachers rebelled, Margaret Haley and Catherine Goggin created the American Federation Of Teachers foundation to fight for improved pay, benefits, and tenure. During this time, teachers became smarter, civilrights where fought four, and anti-poverty programs where created. In1971 sixteen years after thelandmark Brown v. Board of Education Decisionthe Swanns, and African American family went to court when here children where not allowed to attend white schools.The Supreme Court then suggested that bussing was acceptable to achieve integration. 5.1890s-1910 WomenRebel 6. 1990s-Presnt Education has defiantly improved through thecenturies. Although, there is room for improvement in the world of Education, many teachers and individuals are exited by the new forms schools can take today. Ergo, many still argue the lack of pay and respect, but seeimprovement. Many are grateful for the publics will to give an education and the attention schools deserve. The assessing students work has become one of todays controversial issues.Many believe teachers should rely on standardized test, while other believes it should be on student portfolios and their development over time. In the 21st Century The Standards Movement has also taken several different forms, primarily to teacher training, student achievement, and curriculum. Digital image. Only a Teacher. N.p., 2014. Web. Nov.-Dec. 2014. <>. By: Ariana Patino
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