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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The 25th Amendment What does it say/do? If the President dies or resigns, the Vice President will take their place. If the office of VP is empty, the Presidentwill select someone (confirmed by 2/3 of both houses of congress)to fill the position. If the President issues a statement saying he/she can't properly do their job, the Vice President will take over. The Vice President and a specified groupmay also deem the President disabled, which allows the Vice President to take over. If the President says he/she is actually OK, he/she will stay. If the VP and said group disagree, the issue will be voted on by Congress. Woodrow Wilsonhad a major stroke and couldn't give up his position. JFK was assassinated.Lyndon B. Johnson wasPresident 14 months without a VP. The office of VP had been empty 16 times after a President passed away orresigned. This amendment was absolutely necessary in order to avoid circumstances like the ones listed above. Events Leading to the Passing of the Amendment How it Changed Society How it Affects Society If the President has to go under anesthesia, the VP can easily take over. This allowed VP Cheney to takePresident Bush's place for a few hours. In this age of various national security threats, it is very important to alwayshave an acting President andVice President, just in case disasterstrikes. When Ford took over as President for Nixon in 1974, he was able to give his past position to Rockefeller without many problems. 1967 When Spiro Agnew resigned from the office of VP in 1973,Richard Nixon was able to appointGerald Ford to the job. Paige Russell PD 3
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