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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Alternate Investments Different Types of Investments Certificate of Deposit Mutual Fund Money Market Account Exchange-Traded Fund (ETF) A certificate of deposit is a timed deposit where you put away money for a timed period It also has a faster growth rate. An investment where its funded by shareholders that trade in diversified holdings An investment that has a higher interest rate than a savings account. Provides the account holder with limited check writing ability. double click to change this header text! As you can see in this graph in 2008/2009 certificate of depositusage was a lot higher. And now that the economy is higher, the usage is less A exchange-traded fund is a marketable securitythat tracks an index, a commodity bonds or a basket of assets like an index fund. As you can see in this graph the APY percentage goes up the more you deposit and makes more intrest. Scenarios when various investments should be used. A certificate of deposit should be used when you are putting your money away for a specific amount of time to achive a higher intrest rate return on your money A mutual fund should be used when some one wants to invest their money long term and over a long period of time. A money market account should be used when some one want to store/save money at a bank to grow interest. Only some banks and credit unions offer this. An exchange-traded fund is used like a stock but more safe than a stock. The different types of ETF's are: includes index, stock, bind, commodity, currency, activity, inverse, and leveraged. As you can see in the bar graph it shows different types of investments. The most popular investment and the one mostly used is real estate. By: Joseph Irvin, Cameron Kreger, Jerry Dimmitt, Ethan Grashorn
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