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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 1765: The Stamp ActAfter becoming in debt from the French and Indian war, England put a tax (stamp) on all paper products.Example:Paper, playing cards,legal documents, newspapers, ships papers, and otherpublications. 1772: Committees of CorrespondenceThis committee sent a letter to none other than King George, telling him what he had done wrong and what he could do to fix it. King George did not read the letter, and thismade the colonist retalliate. 1754-1763: The French and Indian WarIn this war, England fought with the French for land and to trade with the Indians. This war put England in debt, forcing them to tax the colonists to get all of the lost money back. "Taxation without representation" 1770: The Boston MassacreAfter the colonists threw rocks and ice at the Redcoats, they started to get on their nerves. Eventually, the Redcoats heard the word "fire" and shot into the unarmed crowd of colonists. This gave Paul Revere and Samuel Adams the chance to use propaganda to turn Loyalists intoPatriots. Their propoganda worked,and many Loyaksts flippedsides. 1773: The Boston Tea PartyPatriots dressed as Indians headed ontoBritish ships with millions of dollarsworth of tea on them. The colonists dumped the tea into the BostonHarbor as an act of defiance. This angered the British, making them snap and eventually fight against the colonists. Fighting for Freedom
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