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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The Fight for Freedom by John Little Boston Tea Party-The Boston Tea Party iswhen colonist dressed up as Native Americans and raidedBritish ships. Once aboard the ships the colonist beganto dump chest of tea into the Boston Harbor. Intolerable acts-This is when Parliament strikes back for what Boston did to their tea.Parliament passed four acts that were so harshthat Boston had to callfor aid from other colonies. First Continental Congress-This is were 12 of the 13 colonies besides Georgiashowed up to discuss whatthey should do about Britain.At the end they decided to boycott British goods and traina militia. Lexington and Concord-This is were 700 Britishsoldiers marched to Lexington to seize arms from colonist but instead got into a fight with 300minute men. In the endThe British lost 273 in the fight with the colonist Olive Branch Petition-This is when the colonist sent a letter to King George 3 declaring their loyalty to himand asking him to repeal the intolerable acts King George said no. Green Mountain Boys-This is when Virginians who called themselves the Green Mountain Boys took the fort Ticonderoga and got valuable gun powder, bullets, and mostimportantly cannons. Battle of Bunker Hill-This was the first major battle of the RevolutionaryWar. This battle proved thatAmerica could stand up againstBritain but they would be a tough foe. The British knew they could not take Boston so they retreated securing the American victory. Common Sense- This was a document writtenby Thomas Paine convincing the colonist to break all ties with Britain and that they owed nothing to the crown. Declaration of Independence-Was a document written by Thomas Jefferson which consisted of a preamble and three other sections Natural Right, British Wrongs, and Independence.
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