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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The Life Cycle of a Baseball Raw Materials The main raw materials of a baseball are cowhide which is a cow's hide and is used to keep the other materials in a package like state.The winding, which is made of yarn and is used to pack the ball tighter.The stitching, which is made of waxed thread and is used tokeep the cowhide together. The wool, which is made from a poly/cottonblend and is used to provide added strength and reduces risk of tears.And finally, The inner core, which is made of red and black rubber and is the central basis of the basis of baseball. Materials Processing The cowhide is first cut into two figure-8 patterns, then dampened and stapled to the wound ball. It's finally sewn with waxed threadand placed in a rolling machine for 15 seconds. The wounding is first stored under controlled fabric temperature, wound tightly, wrapped around the ball, trimmed of excess fabric and dipped in adhesivesolution. The stitching is bathed in wax, ( to get the red colour ) sewn onto the cowhide, placed in a rolling machine to get rid of any raised thread and measured again for a gradedappearance. The wool is first stored under controlled temperature, computerized to makesure it has a very high tension level and wound so tightly it has the appearance of a thread. The core is molded into a ball of a dienebased rubber composition ( at least one layer of yarn is added ) and a cover of assembly surrounding the one layer of yarn. Manufacturing To manufacture a baseball you first have to pour a sticky substance called latex ohisive to the inner core. Machines heat the core. ( it's called a drum ) The core remains sticky to the core. Then 4 ply wool is wrapped around the core. The winding fattens the core. Wind a second layer of wool around the core, ( this is 3 ply ) apply another layer which is a little lighter. For the final windinguse a much thinner poly/cotton blend because it's surface is thinner. Weigh and measure it's cercomfrence so it should be about 9 inches. Put the ball in a machine with adhesive ( a strong glue )to air dry for 48 hours. Use a hibolic to carve out figure-8 shapes in white led then dampen it. Thismakes it liable enough to sew. Sew the leather through the ball's center. ( using 2 needles ) Putthe needles through the stamped holes in the leather to cross stitch them. Rope the thread in wax to make it lighter. The final stitch goes through the center of the baseball andout the other side. The balls go through a press that flattens the seams. Finally, stamp the logo on the baseballs and ship them. Market Disposal All MLB baseballs are made in the Rawlings factory in the Dominican republic and are shipped to the major league teams by plane and could travel up to2000 miles. You can find baseballs in most sport stores and at local used and new stock markets. The price range for most baseballs are within 50and 100 dollars. Where as signed baseballs are around 150 or 200 dollars. Baseballs are usually reused and aren't destroyed in any way or shape.Sometimes the leather is formed into fashions like vintage wallets and some vintage gloves made from baseball leather. Baseballs can bejust thrown out instead of being recycled. They can tend to take along time before properly being broken down. Did You Know?! China produces around 80% of baseballs on the world market.All baseballs used by the major league are produced by the company Raw-lings,their factoryis located in Costa Rica
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