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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Ferris Wheel Consequences/Reactions Pip's anxiety and sense of guiltiness is goneonce he opens the door to find the policeready with handcuffs. Pip learnedthroughout these chapters more aboutbeing secretive,but feeling guilty about it.Also by being kind to the convict that hewas terrified of, he learns compassion. Chapters 3-4 Because he took the pie andhelped the convict he knowsthat something is bound tohappen. During Christmasdinner, Pip is seated withUncle Pumblechook andMr. Wopsle. SuddenlyPumblechook drinks thebrandy that is filled withtar-water. Pip feels ashamed about helping theconvict and he is expecting the copsat Joe's house and he was alsoexpecting Mrs. Joe, who is strict andmean, to find that the pie was missing! Complications Pip mentions the convicts friend,and the convict starts askingquestions. The convict is tryingto find him. Pip realizes he needsto get away, so he runs off whilethe convict is scraping his leg irons with the file. Exposition Pip, the main character who livesin England, feels that he is in troubleand he needs to sneakily deliver foodand a file to the convict he met previously in the marshes. Climax This can be compared to a ferris wheelbecause this is the part where people arejust beginning to get on the ride, notknowing exactly what will happenlater on. Around this part of the ferriswheel, it is starting to becomescarier.The anticipation isstarting to rise to reach thevery top of the ride. The very top of the ferris wheel is what evryone is waiting for! It is themost exciting part since is it so high up! After the exciting part is over,it gradually goes back downto the bottom, this is when yousee what the riders react aboutthe climax. Resolution The end of the ride is when people arefinally able to get off. If not, the ferriswheel will just loop back arounddoing the same process all over again. This plot was made to create sympathy and suspense. The convictwas there to influence pip, he will show up later in the novel. Pip is also starting his character development in these chapters. Vanessa Lopez
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