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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 In 1517, Magellan moved to Seville, SpainHe was born in Portugal, either in the city of Porto or in Sabrosa, circa 1480. Following Magellan's voyage later navigators would explore the vast reaches of the Pacific Ocean, the Arctic and Antarctic regions, as well as search the Atlantic seaboard for the elusive Northwest Passage that would enable maritime trad to the Indies without the arduous detour through the Straits of Magellan. As a result of the Age of Discovery European maritime powers, notably Spain, Portugal, France, Great Britain, and the Netherlands would come to colonize newly discovered lands around the globe.Driven largely by the promise of wealth, colonial powers were often ruthless in relations with indigenous peoples, yet also spread Christianity, humanitarian values, and Western traditions of law and government throughout the world. Magellan's voyage inaugurated a new understanding of the world as the finite domicile of humanity and led to greater recognition of the world's peoples as a global human family. Ferdinand Magellan is best known for leading the first expedition to circumnavigate the globe, although he personally did not complete the route, perishing in the South Pacific. He was a determined man, who overcame personal obstacles, mutinies, uncharted seas and biting hunger and malnutrition during the course of his voyage.Today, his name is synonymous with discovery and exploration. Ferdinand Magellan -Proved that the world was round and was first to circumnavigate it.-First European to sailacross the Pacific Ocean.-Started a debate on who owned the Spice Islands.-Strait of Magellan, the passageway which he discovered between the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans,and Magellanic Clouds(Are actually another Galaxy)were named after him. These Penguins were founded by Ferdinand Magellan and he named them Magellanic Penguins Magellan also is said to have named the Pacific Ocean Mar Pacifico, which translates to peaceful sea.
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