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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 36.1% FEEDPET FEEDPET DON'T OVERFEED YOUR PET DON'T OVERFEED YOUR PET Q1 2015Raise Funds Q2 2015Researching Q3 2015Code Application Q1 2016Testing & Debugging Q2 2016Market Testing Q3 2016Final Improvement Touch Up Q1 2017Launch Application DEVELOPMENT PROCESS & TIMEFRAME U.S. MARKET SIZE OVER 50% of PETS are OVERWEIGHT 20% are OBESE Households with pets82.5 million = 68% Join ME to save the pets CHEW ZHI XUAN, SKY(HP) +65 96201042(EMAIL) ZXCHEW.2014@SIS.SMU.EDU.SG Pet Expenditures in 2013 $55.72 billions Pet Expenditures in 2018 $67.5 billions (Annually Growth Up to 3.4%) 2 STEP 3 1 LINK ANALYSIS CALIBRATE By using wireless to link thefeeding machines and the pet's microchip into the smart phone application. After linking, the microchip will send information to the application such as weight, regular diets and health condition to analyse how much feeds to release. Once it has finished calibrating, Owner can either to increase, decrease or remind the amountof calibration feeds that the application give before releasing from the feeding machine. FEEDPET is a mobile application that is linked between your pet's microchip and an automated feeding machine. This application will help busy and forgetful owners to feed their pets automatically. It will also allow owners to keep track of their pet's health condition by analysis their daily meal and provide the correct calibrate amount of feed for them to prevent them from overfeeding.
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